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trolley rollin'

Een goede manier om van de zaterdagse boodschappenstress af te komen. Benodigdheden: een leeg vlak parkeerterrein liefst iets vals plat drie kinderen een euro of kijk naar de youtube video

moroccan shopping trip

shopping trip to Marrakech, Morocco Fly cheap to Malaga,Spain. An experienced guide will be there with a spacious mercedes 409D campervan to pick you and the rest of the group up. We'll take the ferry to Africa and spend a week in wonderfull Marocco. We can go to Azrou and Ouarzazate for rug

toasting on Jim's grave

Once a good place to have a free sip of whiskey in the morning, now Jim's grave is closed off by a fence....

Père Lachaise

Père Lachaise

Roskilde festival


We tried to hitch hike to Sweden but never made it past Christiania.

grensverleggend toilet

In 1987 flying to Turkey was quite expensive, so most Turks travelled by bus from Western-Europe back home and vice versa.The most common route was the autoput through former Yougoslavia and then across the border to Bulgaria. At this border everybody had to unpack everything on long tables, min



Tower Praha

Tower Praha



Picknicking at the Groeter klimduin

Group 1/2 of the Groeter and Petrus school on their spring break. movie will follow soon

Summit : Vaalserberg (323 m)

The Vaalserberg is our famous Dutch summit,but we have to share it with Belgium and Germany.I think it is about 321,5 meters high. Those facts turned it in to a small circus,with restaurants ,a watchtower ,a maze ,and much more activities. When everybody leaves the big parking space turns into

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