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Pinguin in de duinen

Is he alive?

Vigeland park

Inderdaad, mooie collectie

Guggenheim - Bilbao


Guggenheim - Bilbao

Ola Delisious! Kan ik hieruit opmaken dat je naar Spanje gaat volgend jaar?

Amusement park and pleasure garden Tivoli

En het hardrock cafe was er naast als ik me niet vergis.

Walking with spirits

Frank, before you go, please read the following article: Scroll till you see this article: Naulu tribal sacrifice: a legal challenge to the government.

Sea, dunes and bulbflowers walkingroute

Can we rent your house during this season of the year? What a view!

Beach barbeque on at Hargen aan Zee

This looks great! Are we invited? And when?

Walking with spirits

Thanks Karin! Great TOOV!

Walking with spirits

This is what's great about Toovs! An almost fairy like story with pictures to match. Having read this I can't wait to go there. (it's just that we're a little short on cash right now)

Camping in De Waard tent

Schitterende regen-foto


Goeie foto's!

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