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Zeeman Ocean Challenge

Not a toov I have done, nor one I'll have to do. I suggest you go and see for yourself whether you would like to add this toov to your wishlist. *********************************************************************************** Meer dan 2000 mensen beklommen de Mount Everest. Ruim 200 mense

Fiji | By Karin March, 2007 Show on map

Skip kampioen 2007 met de F2!

voorig jaaren dit jaar zijn we kampioen geworden met de F2. En volgende seizoen speel ik in de E3. Groetjes Skip (en de rest van de F2)

Netherlands | By Jorn December, 2006 Show on map

bridge to bridge race (rowing) track record!

Brug tot brug (BBR) is interne wedstrijd die maandelijks gehouden wordt op de Hilversumse roeivereniging Tromp. Er wordt door jong en oud, man en vrouw gestart in alle boottype's (skif/twee/wherrie/vier/acht). Alle tijden worden geklokt, en na afloop gecorrigeerd voor leeftijd/geslacht en boottype,

Netherlands | By Jorn January, 2007 Show on map

Watersport - Lake Jumping

Je kan vele dingen doen op een mooie zomerdag, naar het strand, een stukje gaan fietsen of verkoeling gaan opzoeken bij het zwembad.... Maar waarom niet deze activiteiten combineren en gaan 'Lake Jumpen'? Een echte aanrader voor de waaghals onder ons. We hebben dit gedaan bij het uitgeestermeer

Skating on the Amsterdam Canals

A unique thing happened when in february 1996 the canals of Amsterdam were frozen. Since we lived on the Brouwersgracht ('brewerycanal') we could get on the ice in front of our home, and off course we did so! Me not being a naturaltalent as Lex, I didn't skate very smooth as you can see. We s

Netherlands | By Inge February, 1996 Show on map

Razende Bol or Noorderhaaks

All other appointments were immediately skipped and moved when Pepijn asked me to join them on a kite trip to the Razende Bol. This is something that really needs to be done by anyone who loves the Dutch coast. The gathering was in Den Helder at the boathouse of Gerrits parents. The boathouse was al

Netherlands | By Lex March, 2007 Show on map

Mount Kosciuszko summit 2228m


Dzongri summit (4320 m)

From this peak you have a wonderful view of the third highest mountain of the world: Kanchenjunga (8586 m). The summit and the view were impressive. The journey to the Dzongri peak was great. A two day walk from Yuksam led us through green, grassy fields into a misty rhododendron and magnolia

India | By Karin April, 1992 Show on map

Catch of the day

Another custom channel especially for the hunters between us. The ‘catchoftheday’ channel. If there is something we are willing to show is our pictures of big catches! eah? But I lost my picture… One day we were fishing in the little ditch behind the house. After we caught a big roach (voorn)

Netherlands | By Lex July, 1979 Show on map

Summit: Zuckerhutl (3507m)

Both literally and figuratively the summit of the tour through the Stubai Alps. A very nice ascent via a glacier, then snow, then rock. We got a stunning view from the top because of the excellent weather. The Zuckerhutl is the highest amidst a range of peaks (Sonklarspitze, Wilder Freiger, Wilder P

Austria | By Geert 7 September 2006, 22:00 Show on map

Summit: Sonklarspitze (3471m)

Got there from the Mullerhutte. Not too difficult a climb.

Austria | By Geert 8 September 2006, 22:00 Show on map

climbing-course in the Gross Glockner-area

I've done an 'experienced'-course with the NKBV (dutch mountaineering club) in the summer, in the Gross Glockner-area. Summits to try and reach: - Bärenkopf (3406 m) - Johannisberg (3463 m) Actually, the weather was so bad that we couldn't even make it to the Bärenkopf, due to the hard wind (10

Austria | By Geert 30 June 22:00 - 1 July , 2007 Show on map
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