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trolley rollin'

Een goede manier om van de zaterdagse boodschappenstress af te komen. Benodigdheden: een leeg vlak parkeerterrein liefst iets vals plat drie kinderen een euro of kijk naar de youtube video

Camper beach

As a camper owner this is something you're looking for. Not only staying on the beach is great TOOV to do but driving for miles over the beach is super! Here in Danmark it is possible. They even have roadsigns. Blokhus 12 km >

Veg out

This was once an empty bowling field. It was given to local artists who used the old club buildings to work in. They expanded their work to the empty field and transformed it into a community vegetable garden with an arty touch. Great place to visit and chill/veg out. Very relaxed atmosphere. L

Flying above Victoria Falls

We only had the money to do one extreme thing. Bungy Jumping from the bridge or flying above the Falls with a helicopter. And it was great! An amazing thing to see was a complete round rainbow around us al the time. Because of the water damp in the air.

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Bagdad Cafe

On the way from Damascus to Palmyra you pass by the Bagdad Cafe. It's a welcome place to stop and have a drink on the long desertroad. We got a nice meal there from the friendly man - who played some music for us as well. He offers as much bedouin coffees until you shake your cup (meaning you've h

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Krabben vangen

Pony rijden op Texel

Rijdende langs de duinrand kwamen we een bosmanege tegen. In eerste instantie haalden we de afslag niet maar na te zijn gekeerd konden we de camper parkeren naast de paardjes. Toen ging het verrassend snel! Zoek maar een pony uit en volg de pijlen door het bos. Zo gezegd zo gedaan. Het was super! Le

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