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Eating Out In Syria

Another toov in the Eating Out In... channel Already in the airplane with Syrian Airlines the meal was spiced with kardamon, a perfect scent on a long journey. The coffee also has that kardamon flavour and is drunk a lot. The coffeegrain is to put in boiling water, let it boil for about 1 min. a

Syria | By Inge May, 2006 Show on map

Eating Out In China

Hereby the start of a new custom channel: Eating Out In... Each Eating Out In...Toov can contain a collection of photo's and / or stories about peculiar, funny or otherwise remarkeble culinair events of a country or place. Every country has its own eatinghabits and culinair traditions. Think o

Picknicking at 'Kasteel de Haar'

1. Buy a salad at your local supermarket. 2. Get girlfriend, salads and bicycle and drive to Kasteel de Haar. (Just a 30 minutes ride from Utrecht's city centre.) Officially the gardens aren't open after 17pm, but no one bothers if you walk in. What's even more: it's totally desolated at that time.

Netherlands | By Geert 24 April 16:00 - 1 April , 2007 Show on map

Cooked pig, Dani style

The Dani people in the Baliem Valley, Irian Jaya, have a special method of cooking pig. They dig a hole and line it with leaves and grass. On the grass they put hot stones that have been lying in a fire for some time. They then put in the meat, sometimes packed in banana leaves and put some more

Indonesia | By Karin October, 1992 Show on map

dutch queen's day

Dutch tradition. The 30' april is 'Koninginnedag' - queensday in Holland. The (former) queen has her birthday and all citizens celebrate this happy moment. The whole country has the day of, dresses up in orange and goes out - to play folkgames, sell and buy their old housegear on a cloth on the str

moroccan shopping trip

shopping trip to Marrakech, Morocco Fly cheap to Malaga,Spain. An experienced guide will be there with a spacious mercedes 409D campervan to pick you and the rest of the group up. We'll take the ferry to Africa and spend a week in wonderfull Marocco. We can go to Azrou and Ouarzazate for rug

Go bush with Jimmy

Suppose you buy an old car and take it into the Australian outback. Suppose it breaks down in the middle of nowhere and just imagine what would happen if you had no idea how to survive. So we bought an old car, drove it further and further into the outback, stopped, looked around and decided to t

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