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Het Huldtoneel

Het Huldtoneel

Elvis lives on the Terschelling beach

Terschelling is one of the islands north of the Dutch coast. It is a beautiful island, well-known for its cranberries, wide beaches, Oeral cultural festival and Hessel, the singer. At the north end of the island, where you arrive thirsty and tired, after hours of walking, biking or horse-riding,

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Mark your place of birth

Coincidence at The Connor Pass in Ireland

The Connor Pass route is one of the most beautiful and panoramic driving routes in the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. My wife Annelies and I drove that route in june 1998 on a cloudy and a little bit foggy day, while listening to a cd from the formation “Northern Lights” (Steve Coulter and Harri

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Mark your place of birth

The Kerkweg (Churchroad) in Heemskerk was, in the fifties of the 20th century ,one of the two roads that led from the north to the centre of the village. Heemskerk counted about 5.000 inhabitants in those days and was well-known as the strawberry-village. Our house fell to progress as Heemskerk ex

Wreck of the Dutch smugglers tugboat

On the beautiful beach of Vila Nova de Milfontes in Portugal lays the wreck of a tugboat. Jan van Schalkwijk and his wife Simone, who emigrated from Alkmaar to this nice town, told us the story of this wreck as they heared it from the local people. Its is said that this Dutch ship stranded while fl

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Zeevissers in Praia de Mira

Nietsvermoedend wandelend langs het strand van Praia de Mira in Portugal, ontstond plotseling een paar honderd meter verder een groot tumult. Dichterbij gekomen zagen we de lokale vissers met twee tractoren een groot net op het strand trekken. Het tumult werd veroorzaakt door de vreugdekreten van de

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The wide sandy beaches

Loose or find yourself on the wide and empty sandy beaches of Terschelling in october. See your footsteps disappear in the storm or find them back at the end of the week. Watch the wind making small dunes, using our waste products. Empty your head and remember that you can't live without love.

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