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Jimmy Hendrix was here.

Tien kilometer voor Diabat zetten we, om in de juiste stemming te komen, Jimmy Hendrix op. Jimmy Hendrix was in Diabat. Vandaar. Op de iPod staan drie albums. Automatisch zoek ik naar het nummer Hey Joe, maar selecteer Castles Made Of Sand van het album Axis: Bold As Love. Jimmy Hendrix draaien we n

Morocco | By Lex 14 March 2008, 23:00 Show on map

De Kerf, a gap in the dunes.

Walking from Schoorl aan Zee to the south along the shore line you suddenly see a gap in the dunes. The same thing happens when you walk north from Bergen aan Zee. In 1997 a few nature organizations in Holland decided to invite the sea to visit the land behind the dunes. After centuries of fighting

Netherlands | By Lex 2 June 2007, 15:00 Show on map

Disturbing perfect lines

Perhaps the feeling is not unfamiliar to you: the urge to disturb the perfectly shining smooth water of an empty swimming pool ; you just have to dive in and be part of it. Well, this is the feeling you get when you’re standing in front of these magnificent red dunes of the Sossusvlei. You

Namibia | By Karin December, 1995 Show on map
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