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Plaza Ruedo Alameda no.28

EN / NL Plaza Ruedo Alemeda in Ronda, Spain, has everything what makes a square a square. Fountain, church, couple of pubs, small grocery shop, traffic around all sides, lines in the pavement like Michelangelo could have made it, benches in the sun or in the shade of plane trees, raised a level ra

Spain | By Lex 23 December 23:00 - 1 December , 2007 Show on map

Eating Out In Syria

Another toov in the Eating Out In... channel Already in the airplane with Syrian Airlines the meal was spiced with kardamon, a perfect scent on a long journey. The coffee also has that kardamon flavour and is drunk a lot. The coffeegrain is to put in boiling water, let it boil for about 1 min. a

Syria | By Inge May, 2006 Show on map
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