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Het Schip

Ik ga regelmatig in het weekend er op uit met mijn kampeerbusje. Fietsen achterop en eens kijken wat er te doen is in de provincie. Natuur, maar ook cultuur trekt mij steeds weer aan. Met een museumkaart op zak stap je wat makkelijker een museum binnen. In de Spaarndammerbuurt in Amsterdam sta je

Butterflies in Hortus Amsterdam

Very interesting and beautifull to see all the different butterflies and their pupal stages. The huge butterflies (uiloogvlinders) dance around and land on your shoulder! The smaller orange ones (Flying Dutchmen) are many. We didn't know butterflies eat oranges and bananas... The Butterfly Greenh

Rembrandt and the 3D Night Watch

One of the greatest painters in Dutch history is Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). He lived and worked in Amsterdam and his statue is since long standing on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam. His most famous painting is The Night Watch ( de Nachtwacht) wich is on prominent display in the Rijksmusem in

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Skating on the Amsterdam Canals

A unique thing happened when in february 1996 the canals of Amsterdam were frozen. Since we lived on the Brouwersgracht ('brewerycanal') we could get on the ice in front of our home, and off course we did so! Me not being a naturaltalent as Lex, I didn't skate very smooth as you can see. We s

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Chinese New Year Amsterdam

Great toov is to visit the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Off course it's best to be somewhere in China that day, but the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam is a good alternative! Check out local papers/website for the right day. We were there in 2004 and 2007, last time much crowdier and bigger fest

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