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grote brand de Blinkerd schoorl en Achterpad 10, Schoorl

Een grote brand in 'de Blinkerd' en het achterpad 10 te Schoorl

Harvesting medlars at Slot Loevestein

It was a perfect day to visit Slot Loevestein. The clear blue autumn sky had changed into soaking rain,so we had to look for a roof above our heads. It was a quick decision to go to the nearby massive tollhouse that was built in the dark ages and is still standing there at the riverside. It

humpback whale near IJmuiden

Walvis trekt baantjes voor de kust van IJmuiden IJmuiden - Bemanningsleden van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij hebben vrijdagmiddag voor de Noordzeekust bij IJmuiden een walvisachtig dier gesignaleerd. Het dier zou donderdagmiddag voor het eerst door de bemanning van een vissersbo

catch of the day

When the summer is gone but the sea is still warm ,the seabass comes to our shores. This predator is made for hunting and that is what it's doing. When the moon is full and the tide is at it's highest point it will come to grab the small fish that struggle around the sandbanks. I took my rod to t

Beaver Tracks in the Biesbosch

The best way to explore the beauty of the Dutch wetlands the Hollansche Biesbosch is by canoe. We got our canoes at the visitor centre and we took off for a two hour trip trough the hart of the Kikvorsch of Otter. At first we practised a bit at the Moldiep, a relatively broad water where you can f

humpback whale western australia

humpback whale at Marsdiep

This lost humpback whale is the fifth sighting of a whale at the dutch coast since 2003. photo's: Westra

lonely toilet

Have you ever seen a lonelier toilet?

Mount Kosciuszko summit 2228m


Summit : Vaalserberg (323 m)

The Vaalserberg is our famous Dutch summit,but we have to share it with Belgium and Germany.I think it is about 321,5 meters high. Those facts turned it in to a small circus,with restaurants ,a watchtower ,a maze ,and much more activities. When everybody leaves the big parking space turns into

Picknicking at the Groeter klimduin

Group 1/2 of the Groeter and Petrus school on their spring break. movie will follow soon

grensverleggend toilet

In 1987 flying to Turkey was quite expensive, so most Turks travelled by bus from Western-Europe back home and vice versa.The most common route was the autoput through former Yougoslavia and then across the border to Bulgaria. At this border everybody had to unpack everything on long tables, min

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