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Cycling around Yangshuo

Cycling around Yangshuo is fun. But not for pigs. We followed the screaming pigs to their destination: the market in Fuli.

China | By Karin May, 1992 Show on map

Odd traffic sign

Meals on wheels?

Dzongri summit (4320 m)

From this peak you have a wonderful view of the third highest mountain of the world: Kanchenjunga (8586 m). The summit and the view were impressive. The journey to the Dzongri peak was great. A two day walk from Yuksam led us through green, grassy fields into a misty rhododendron and magnolia

India | By Karin April, 1992 Show on map

Feeling small

Following an old trade route between Nepal and Tibet, I was close to the Annapurna (8091), Dhaulighiri ( 8167) and Machhapuchhare (6993) mountains and felt very small.

Nepal | By Karin March, 1992 Show on map

Pretend you're a plane

In Wamena, Irian Jaya, use of the airstrip is not limited to the 2 planes a day landing or taking off: everyone is allowed to use it. If it has to be cleared, a loud alarm goes off. (Air traffic is'nt taken all that seriously: I've seen a plane stop while in the process of taking off, because s

Indonesia | By Karin October, 1992 Show on map

Cooked pig, Dani style

The Dani people in the Baliem Valley, Irian Jaya, have a special method of cooking pig. They dig a hole and line it with leaves and grass. On the grass they put hot stones that have been lying in a fire for some time. They then put in the meat, sometimes packed in banana leaves and put some more

Indonesia | By Karin October, 1992 Show on map

Walking with spirits

Some people in Ambon told us we should not visit Ceram. It was the island of their ancestral spirits. Better not disturb them. We went anyway. When we arrived in the little harbour of Masohi, we were welcomed like a royal couple and soon half the town knew we had arrived. We checked into a

Indonesia | By Karin October, 1992 Show on map

Enjoy the rain on Fochtelooer Veen

Wait until the circumstances are perfect before visiting this fairytale landscape. It has to be a dreary, drizzling, droopy and dark autumn day. First take your kids into the 80 Bunder wood, take the path that ends at the bird observation tower. Tell them scary or fairy stories along the way, d

Netherlands | By Karin October, 2005 Show on map

Experience climate change: looking for a place to swim in April

It was too hot to do anything else. On the 14 th of April, we were looking for a place to swim while travelling around in our campervan. We found this little lake, hidden in a small nature park: terhorsterzand. We cycled among the heather and admired the cade shrubs. (for more information ab

Netherlands | By Karin April, 2007 Show on map

Close to the heart of Borneo

I'm not an armchair traveller. However, I like reading travel books. One of the funniest travel books I've read is 'Into the heart of Borneo' by Redmond O'Hanlon. Even the book review (time magazine) is funny: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Malaysia | By Karin August, 1992 Show on map

Go bush with Jimmy

Suppose you buy an old car and take it into the Australian outback. Suppose it breaks down in the middle of nowhere and just imagine what would happen if you had no idea how to survive. So we bought an old car, drove it further and further into the outback, stopped, looked around and decided to t

Veg out

This was once an empty bowling field. It was given to local artists who used the old club buildings to work in. They expanded their work to the empty field and transformed it into a community vegetable garden with an arty touch. Great place to visit and chill/veg out. Very relaxed atmosphere. L

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