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Painting Persons on Places: Jean-Louise Calment, Arles

Ooit studeerde ik aan de kunstacademie, later culturele antropologie. Nu combineer ik beide en schilder dus mensen. Hier op Toovs laat ik in de serie 'Painting Persons on Places', zien welke bijzondere mensen ik geschilderd heb. Karakteristieken met een uniek of ludiek verhaal, een toov op zich! Z

France | By Inge October, 2007 Show on map

Painting Persons on Places: Dorus Rijkers, Den Helder

Dorus Rijkers was een held. Wie kent niet het plaatje van de stoere zeeman met zuidwester, baard en pijp? Dat is hem. Hij redde als schipper van de roeireddingboot in Den Helder meer dan 500 mensen van de verdrinkingsdood. Roeiende dus, door de stormende zee. We spreken dan ook over zo’n 150 ja

Netherlands | By Inge November, 2006 Show on map

Painting Persons on Places: Dames Vlaanderen, Alkmaar

Wetende dat ik in de Alkmaarse galerie ’t Kasteeltje zou gaan exposeren met mijn schilderijen ging ik op zoek naar markante Alkmaarders. Natuurlijk zijn er velen, maar het werd al snel duidelijk dat ik graag de karakteristieke Dames Vlaanderen wilde portretteren. Omdat de beide zusters overleden

Butterflies in Hortus Amsterdam

Very interesting and beautifull to see all the different butterflies and their pupal stages. The huge butterflies (uiloogvlinders) dance around and land on your shoulder! The smaller orange ones (Flying Dutchmen) are many. We didn't know butterflies eat oranges and bananas... The Butterfly Greenh

Rembrandt and the 3D Night Watch

One of the greatest painters in Dutch history is Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). He lived and worked in Amsterdam and his statue is since long standing on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam. His most famous painting is The Night Watch ( de Nachtwacht) wich is on prominent display in the Rijksmusem in

Netherlands | By Inge June, 2007 Show on map

Skating on the Amsterdam Canals

A unique thing happened when in february 1996 the canals of Amsterdam were frozen. Since we lived on the Brouwersgracht ('brewerycanal') we could get on the ice in front of our home, and off course we did so! Me not being a naturaltalent as Lex, I didn't skate very smooth as you can see. We s

Netherlands | By Inge February, 1996 Show on map

Eating Out In Syria

Another toov in the Eating Out In... channel Already in the airplane with Syrian Airlines the meal was spiced with kardamon, a perfect scent on a long journey. The coffee also has that kardamon flavour and is drunk a lot. The coffeegrain is to put in boiling water, let it boil for about 1 min. a

Syria | By Inge May, 2006 Show on map

Eating Out In China

Hereby the start of a new custom channel: Eating Out In... Each Eating Out In...Toov can contain a collection of photo's and / or stories about peculiar, funny or otherwise remarkeble culinair events of a country or place. Every country has its own eatinghabits and culinair traditions. Think o

Gondola workshop

Lo Squero is one of the few workshops in Venice where gondolas are made the authentic way. Beautifull setting and very interesting to see. Venice people are said to have membrans (?) between their toes. Non-locals need to take a boat to cross the Canal Grande. It's located on Dorsoduro, You're ou

Cycling around Yangshuo

The fairytale landscape around the village Yangshuo is enchanted by many. We followed the toovtip from the Lonely Planet, took a bike on the boat and left for a trip on the Li River. A real astonishing sight we had from the water...! The mountainpeaks a bit misty, buffalo's in the water, huge

China | By Inge October, 1997 Show on map

Odd traffic sign

France | By Inge September, 2000 Show on map

Mark your place of birth

Through the oral histories of our family I know I was born in sort of Flowerpowerperiod - already conceived while the bed got on fire because of the romantic candles. I was there in my mothers belly under her Indiedress while she watched 'Turks Fruit' by Jan Wolkers at the cinema. The photo shows

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