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Groaning waterwheel

On the riverbank of the Orontes River in the city Hama in Syria you can see the huge wooden waterwheels - Norias. Impressive because of their size - about 20 meters high - but also because of their sound. The friction of the wood (both the wheels as the blocks on which they are mounted)produces a

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Cycling around Yangshuo

The fairytale landscape around the village Yangshuo is enchanted by many. We followed the toovtip from the Lonely Planet, took a bike on the boat and left for a trip on the Li River. A real astonishing sight we had from the water...! The mountainpeaks a bit misty, buffalo's in the water, huge

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Odd traffic sign

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Odd traffic sign

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Mark your place of birth

Through the oral histories of our family I know I was born in sort of Flowerpowerperiod - already conceived while the bed got on fire because of the romantic candles. I was there in my mothers belly under her Indiedress while she watched 'Turks Fruit' by Jan Wolkers at the cinema. The photo shows

Chinese New Year Amsterdam

Great toov is to visit the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Off course it's best to be somewhere in China that day, but the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam is a good alternative! Check out local papers/website for the right day. We were there in 2004 and 2007, last time much crowdier and bigger fest

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Sakura, cherry Blossoms Japan

a typical 'have to do' for me for years... 'The cherry blossom (sakura) is Japan's unofficial national flower. It has been celebrated for many centuries and takes a very prominent position in Japanese culture. There are many dozens of different cherry tree varieties in Japan, most of which bl

dutch queen's day

Dutch tradition. The 30' april is 'Koninginnedag' - queensday in Holland. The (former) queen has her birthday and all citizens celebrate this happy moment. The whole country has the day of, dresses up in orange and goes out - to play folkgames, sell and buy their old housegear on a cloth on the str

Bedouin Rababe by night

Asking our guide Hassan for a 'real local thing to do, something special not for tourists' (actually a great Toov - avant la lettre), he immediately called his nephew to come to their friends house and to bring his instrument the Rababe. We got in the back of Hassans pick up and drove out of Palmy

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Bagdad Cafe

On the way from Damascus to Palmyra you pass by the Bagdad Cafe. It's a welcome place to stop and have a drink on the long desertroad. We got a nice meal there from the friendly man - who played some music for us as well. He offers as much bedouin coffees until you shake your cup (meaning you've h

Syria | By Inge April, 2006 Show on map
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