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Pretend you're a plane

In Wamena, Irian Jaya, use of the airstrip is not limited to the 2 planes a day landing or taking off: everyone is allowed to use it. If it has to be cleared, a loud alarm goes off. (Air traffic is'nt taken all that seriously: I've seen a plane stop while in the process of taking off, because s

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Cooked pig, Dani style

The Dani people in the Baliem Valley, Irian Jaya, have a special method of cooking pig. They dig a hole and line it with leaves and grass. On the grass they put hot stones that have been lying in a fire for some time. They then put in the meat, sometimes packed in banana leaves and put some more

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Walking with spirits

Some people in Ambon told us we should not visit Ceram. It was the island of their ancestral spirits. Better not disturb them. We went anyway. When we arrived in the little harbour of Masohi, we were welcomed like a royal couple and soon half the town knew we had arrived. We checked into a

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Telaga Warna, het 'Oeroeg meertje'

Het 'Oeroeg meertje' heet in werkelijkheid het Telaga Warna meer en ligt ergens in de buurt van de plaats Sukabumi. Telaga Warna betekent gekleurd meer. Samenvatting uit Oeroeg: Iedereen was enorm goed gezind en men besloot naar Telaga Hideung (een krater die een meer gevormd had) te gaan om te ga

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