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Climbing Ben Nevis

Although I've seen the Ben Nevis twice as of this summer, I still haven't reached the summit. Two years ago we (me and a friend of mine) tried and walked the 'alternative' approach, but stranded at the CIC-hut (due to a minor injury of the other guy). From there you look at the north face of the mo

Old Course St. Andrews

Absolute must for every golfer who wants to know where 'gowf' springed off. Not only the Old Course is a never-to-forget-experience, try the New, Jubilee and Eden course also. There is no town or city in the world where people live, speak and breath as much golf as in St. Andrews. Do not forget to g

Er is maar één zebrapad in de wereld

Op zoek naar de juiste definitie van het begrip ‘zebrapad’ verwijst Kramers Woordenboek der Nederlandse taal naar ‘ze-bra-over-steek-plaats zijnde een oversteekplaats voor voetgangers, aangegeven door witte banden. Enig zoeken via Google levert nog de toevoeging op dat deze banden ‘dwars op

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