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Berlin Wall

I was in berlin for a long weekend. if you do something historical, you can walk the old Wall route. There are signs at every corner. When you walk through the cente of Berlin, you pass all historical things about The Wall. So you passed Check Point Charlie and others things. I started in the Bernau

Germany | By Erik November, 2007 Show on map

Visit Volxheim

Volxheim is a little village in Germany. There are of course million of little villages around the wolrd, so why is this one interesting? I mean it has no restaurant or pub, the backery is below average and there is no light at night. It is a very artistic village (several desginers, architects, ph

Walking the Barefeet path

In Thalfang just near this Holyday park Himmelberg, you can walk the 'Bare feet path'. It's about a 1km walk in fresh clean grass, with amazing scenery all around. Along the way they made fun things to walk on, bare feet friendly of course, like small stones, sand, or things build with wood. At the

MARTa Museum

Museum, not very big, but extraordinary architecture worth looking at and with interesting exhibitions. Jan Hoet is inspiring here!

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