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Make a panorama-photograph of the Großglockner

Just made a fast bunch of photos of the Großglockner when it - finally - was in good view. A quick merge in Photoshop did the rest...


After 3 years of weekly snowboardpractice I went to Austria voor a holiday. The first day, the first afternoon, it went realy well, but after 3 hours of real snow and exiting speeds I made a small mistake which resulted in 2 broken bones in my lower right arm. The rest of the week I could just lo

Austria | By 12356 December, 2006 - January, 2007 Show on map

Summit: Zuckerhutl (3507m)

Both literally and figuratively the summit of the tour through the Stubai Alps. A very nice ascent via a glacier, then snow, then rock. We got a stunning view from the top because of the excellent weather. The Zuckerhutl is the highest amidst a range of peaks (Sonklarspitze, Wilder Freiger, Wilder P

Austria | By Geert 7 September 2006, 22:00 Show on map

Summit: Sonklarspitze (3471m)

Got there from the Mullerhutte. Not too difficult a climb.

Austria | By Geert 8 September 2006, 22:00 Show on map

climbing-course in the Gross Glockner-area

I've done an 'experienced'-course with the NKBV (dutch mountaineering club) in the summer, in the Gross Glockner-area. Summits to try and reach: - Bärenkopf (3406 m) - Johannisberg (3463 m) Actually, the weather was so bad that we couldn't even make it to the Bärenkopf, due to the hard wind (10

Austria | By Geert 30 June 22:00 - 1 July , 2007 Show on map
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