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Cinque terre

The Cinque terre (= five lands) are 5 small villages. The mountains are covered by terraced vineyards dropping into the Mediterranean. It takes a whole day walking from village to village along the rocky coastline. Starting from Monterosso al mare with one of the few Cinque terre beaches; passing Ve

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Italo Calvino and Venice

When Khan asks why Polo never mentions Venice, Polo says, 'Every time I describe a city I am saying something about Venice. . . . To distinguish the other cities' qualities, I must speak of a first city that remains implicit. For me it is Venice.' [p. 86] From Italo Calvino – the invisible cities

Gondola workshop

Lo Squero is one of the few workshops in Venice where gondolas are made the authentic way. Beautifull setting and very interesting to see. Venice people are said to have membrans (?) between their toes. Non-locals need to take a boat to cross the Canal Grande. It's located on Dorsoduro, You're ou

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