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Harvesting medlars at Slot Loevestein

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It was a perfect day to visit Slot Loevestein.

The clear blue autumn sky had changed into soaking rain,so we had to look for a roof above our heads.
It was a quick decision to go to the nearby massive tollhouse that was built in the dark ages and is still standing there at the riverside.

It's fun to go to a castle with children but when you arrive there and have the whole thing to yourself it's hard not to believe you're a knight coming back from a fight or a hunt, longing for a fire to dry your clothes .
We spent hours in this castle, playing old games on the huge wooden attic,hoisting each other with a midieval hoist ,playing hide and seek,looking at all the strange stuff they found in the castle moat,and listen to the stories about the great ,Dutch ,escape.

In the afternoon the sky was clear again and we walked the rampart.
There we found some old graves ,buried under the leaves.We cleaned the stones and found out that the graves belonged to old commanding officers.
We walked around the castle to the side that faces the river, a bit in a hurry,as it was almost five o`clock and the doors are massive.

But we had to stop again because we saw a very nice and very full medlar tree.
A rare tree that you don't see every day,and full with very big and perfect fruits.
I used to know a tree like that ,it gave me lots of fruit every winter,but it was cut years ago.
Never found one again....

It took the four of us just under 10 minutes to fill every pocket in our clothes.

And now it's just waiting for them to rot.......


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21 November 2007
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