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going billboard in Haarlem

Haarlem , N 52°22'-W 4°38'
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Luckily we’re all a bit visually challenged. Psychiatric wards would fill to overflowing if we actually looked at everything there was to see. Sometimes though, its worthwhile taking a good look around you. To let the disconcerting tide of visual info-smog wash over you.

An effective choice for an overdose of info-smog is shop windows or billboards.
In the shop-window of Scheer & Foppen I watch an animated film. The word Kabul flashes by. It’s a black & white film made by children from a refugee centre. Under the TV a placard blares: 899 euros for a flat screen TV.

A bit further on I enter Haarlem’s billboard country: a world in a world from the corner of the corner. Ostriches flap about on icebergs between the bicycles at the train station. Magnums float dreamily above child seats and elephants graze through the Gedempte Oude Gracht. Fairies dance in the street and a giant mouth with moderately maintained teeth threatens to swallow a bicycle (make: Giant). Fiery Celts gaze heavenly from the paper bin, unperturbed by trash and graffiti.

A woman glances seductively at passers-by. She hides herself furtively behind pillbox, rubbish bin and light pole (City of Haarlem, pole #7). She recommends Campari at the bus stop in front of the nunnery (to the left is to the red light district). On a pillbox a protest sticker says nothing more than “STOP” and with it a sign declaring “each season deserves its own postage stamp”. A bag in a bin displays someone in yoga position or taoïstic health exercise (` the child prays kuan jin '). Below it the words 'ich liebe' and 'love'. Behind the woman’s back there’s a painting in a shop window of baby Jesus sitting piously on Mary’s lap. Joseph seems to be resting his hand on a traffic sign for scooters. I turn around and see an extreme ostrich approaching.

Time to filter again.



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jap says

9-07-2007 | 14:08

Ja leuk om losstaande beeldfragmenten met elkaar te combineren. Meestal probeer ik in de winkelstraten naar de bovenkant van de gevels te kijken om nog de oude bouwstijlen te ontdekken. Op ooghoogte moet je inderdaad voortdurend filteren. Ik heb vaak na het winkelen hoofdpijn door het scannen van alle informatie.

Frank says

9-07-2007 | 20:51

Geweldige TOOV die je inderdaad maar met mate bij volle bewustzijn kunt beleven.
Zowel de tekst als de foto's maakten dat flarden van het XTC nummer 'Senses Working Overtime' door mijn hoofd begonnen te spoken.

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09 July 2007
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