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Cycling around Yangshuo Shared by 2 TOOVERS

yangshuo , N 24°46'-W 110°29'
October, 1997
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The fairytale landscape around the village Yangshuo is enchanted by many.
We followed the toovtip from the Lonely Planet, took a bike on the boat and left for a trip on the Li River.
A real astonishing sight we had from the water...!
The mountainpeaks a bit misty, buffalo's in the water, huge bamboowoods on the riverbank, local fisherman, all accompanied by the stamping of the motor.
We got off in the village Fuli, had a terrific meal, watched local men purge out the inner parts of a snake into a liquer and drink it, and enjoyed.
Then we got on our bikes and wandered through the beautifull scenery, through the hills, ricefields and villages back to Yangshuo.
The mountains around Yangshuo are more like peaks, a lot of them got names like Swan Hill, Dragon Head Hill, Man Hill and Moon Hill. The roads and paths around the peaks are flat, this makes the scenery great to explore by bike.


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BOSS says

21-06-2007 | 15:07

teletubbie land for grown ups, pretty amazing!

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