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Bedouin Rababe by night Shared by 2 TOOVERS

Hassan and Rababefriend
Palmyra , N 34°33'-W 38°12'
April, 2006
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Asking our guide Hassan for a 'real local thing to do, something special not for tourists' (actually a great Toov - avant la lettre), he immediately called his nephew to come to their friends house and to bring his instrument the Rababe.
We got in the back of Hassans pick up and drove out of Palmyra, from the road into the desert. In the middle of the darkness (it can be so dark in the desert, despite the millions of stars!) there was the house of his friend and wife - a real original Bedouin tent.
We got a warm welcome and some tea in the beautiful and surprisingly colourfull tent. Then we waited...until the nephew came in his deserttruck (a Sisi-like 3wheelcar).
For them it was a normal evening with friends, for us the whole setting was very special - The nephew played on the rababe, sang all kinds of poetical songs wich we couldn't understand. Exept for the songs he made especially for us, we recognized our names in it. Once and a while we landed on our feet by the ringtone of his mobile phone. After having a chat on the phone he returned as easy to his songs and the magic continued...

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jap says

31-07-2007 | 18:49

je hebt prachtige foto's op Flickr geplaatst :)

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